Soul Sis-STAR’s United

Connect, share, learn and grow together.

Throughout history, women have gathered in sacred circle, to hold space for each other, to share our stories without judgment, sharing emotional bonds, allows us to not only hold space for one another, but also the feeling that a group of women have “got your back” looking out for each other and supporting each the through our journey of life.

Our circles are a safe space for women to be seen and heard we welcome all women to express themselves to develop a deeper sense of connection, be inspired and supported, learn and share unique wisdom with each other, socialize and just have fun in a very nurturing authentic environment and make new supportive friendships along the way.

Whether you have or haven’t attended anything like this before, you are more than welcome, bring a friend or come alone and make new friends just come as you are we love seeing new faces.

Soul Sis-STAR’s United Women’s Circles offer a safe space to connect it is a community of like-minded women coming together. They are steeped in support, growth and personal energy and vitality that ripple into our larger community.

  • Develop a deep relationship with who you are
  • Connect with other like-mined women
  • Be supported by a strong community
  • Foster long lasting relationships with other and yourself
  • Be supported and understood

Gathering in circle is an ancient practice that meets the holistic needs, interests and coals of conscious modern day women.

Our Women’s Circles provide a wonderful opportunity for like-mined women to connect with greater passion, purpose and to truly find a community that will help them live a healthier and happier life.